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Jeremy Hunt MP

Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey:
Secretary of State for Health


“Charles will make an outstanding MP for the constituency lucky enough to select him. He is a different type of Conservative who brings together deep knowledge of both business and the arts, meaning he is able to relate to a very broad range of the electorate. He is also incredibly hard-working and decent.”

Michael Gove MP

Michael Gove MP for Surrey Heath:
Former Secretary of State for Education


“Charles is a stand-out guy, smart, likeable and incredibly hard-working. A great team player with a real passion for improving our schools and helping poorer children get a great start in life he would be a superb constituency MP, determined to go the extra mile for the people he served…”

Andrew Mitchell MP

Andrew Mitchell MP for Sutton Coldfield:
Former Secretary of State for International Development


“Having worked closely with Charles over many years in the Conservative Party in the West Midlands I know he will be a first class MP and a staunch supporter of our Party and our area.”

Ed Vaizey MP

Ed Vaizey MP for Wantage:


“I have known Charles for four years. He is a consummate campaigner - hard-working, committed, and imaginative. Over fifteen years, he has worked at every level of our Party, as an association foot soldier and officer, and now member of the Party's Board.He has been particularly effective in advising Jeremy Hunt and me for the Shadow Arts and Culture team, and would be a great addition to the House of Commons as a Conservative MP.”

Vicky Ford

Vicky Ford MEP for Eastern England
PPC Birmingham Northfield 2005:

Charles is a star of the voluntary party in the Midlands. He makes campaigning for the Conservative Party fun and inspires others to join in. And, during a crisis as I found when I was candidate in Northfield in 2005, he is a cool head of reason. So, I know Charles would make a great MP.

Cllr Mike Whitby

Cllr Mike Whitby,
former Leader Birmingham City Council:

“I’m backing Charles. His energy and commitment to the Party in Birmingham has been exceptional ever since he was a YC. Charles was an outstanding constituency chairman, and has played a key part in rebuilding the Party in our city. He has been instrumental in bringing the Party Conference to Birmingham, and as leader of the Council I look forward to welcoming you all here againlater this year.”

Abdul Rashid

Abdul Rashid – Treasurer,
Birmingham Central Mosque:

“Over the past two years Charles has engaged in a new dialogue building trust between the Conservatives and the Muslim community in Birmingham. He arranged for David Cameron to visit us in February showing that your party really is keen to engage with the whole of British society. It is down to Charles that we now have Conservative Party members within our Mosque congregation.”